(FOX40.COM) –Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg discussed the second part of a three-part State of the City address on Thursday. The focus was local art.

“One of the things that I’ve really tried to focus on and lead during my time as mayor- is to build up a creative economy,” Steinberg told FOX40. “Art, and every form of art, whether it’s music or theater – whether it’s the visual arts, Sacramento has so many young artists and young musicians.”

Steinburg said Sacramento has had great festivals and a lot of weekend concerts in the park, but there’s still something missing.

“What’s missing is the ability of an emerging musician to be able to find a place to play during the week and on the weekends,” Steinberg said.

He talked about all of the vacant spaces in Sacramento and how they can be used for live music on a Monday night in Sacramento. He said it’s an opportunity for musicians to get more gigs and they wouldn’t have to pay to use the space. In fact, he said musicians should be the ones getting paid.

“To be able to really do this to scale we’ve got to change some of our permit laws and regulations because it’s too complicated, it’s taking too long, it’s too expensive, and it is based on an old model,” Steinberg said.

Part one of Steinberg’s State of the City focused on an “emergency response approach to homelessness”, Monday. On Wednesday he talked about local art. Part three will happen Friday.