(KTXL) — The Sacramento Police Department released a series of videos and audio files on Thursday of a shooting that involved officers on May 20 near the intersection of Q Street and 29th Street that left a woman injured.

A 911 call reported a person waving a pistol inside at least two businesses near 24th and 28th streets, and the woman who was shot was later found to have a pellet gun, police said.

The officers spotted the woman near the intersection of P Street and 28th Street and attempted to stop her when she began running from police.

The video files include dash cam footage from patrol vehicles involved in the incident and body cam footage from the officers involved.

Bodycam shows pursuit before shooting

This body camera footage shows the officer that shot the woman after a short foot pursuit.

From inside his patrol vehicle, through an open window, the officer orders the woman to “get on the ground.”

He then stops the car, exits the vehicle, while continuing to tell her to get on the ground, and starts chasing the woman on foot while pointing his pistol at her.

While continuing to chase her down 28th Street towards R Street, two patrol cars follow along the street. The officer continues to tell the woman to get down and to “show her hands.”

The woman stopped along the 2800 block of Q Street where she then began to move her arms around for a few seconds before being shot by at least one officer.

Woman attended as she is being detained

Body camera footage from another officer who remained in their vehicle during the chase shows other officers gathering around the officer who fired their weapon, with one officer holding a shield.

The woman can be heard screaming something to another officer who tells her that “if you move an arm close to that gun we are going to shoot you again.”

After another officer handcuffs the woman, the officer wearing the camera begins inspecting the gunshot wounds and provides medical aid. The woman was shot in the leg and at least once in the abdomen.