SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento Police Department released on Friday footage of a police shooting that took place several weeks ago.

The shooting happened on Aug. 27 in an alley near Del Paso Boulevard and Boxwood Street. Sacramento police said a woman waved down some officers just before 7:30 p.m. and told them she had been assaulted by a woman. 

A description was given to police, and it was communicated to other officers in the area who had started to search for the woman.

Police said an officer spotted a woman who matched the description and tried to stop her, but she ran away down an alley. 

A second officer arrived at the scene from the opposite direction and drove down the alley toward the woman. Video released by police shows him getting out of his car and telling the woman to stop. 

The woman is seen approaching the officer and presumably stabs him on his left arm. The officer pushes her away — knocking her to the ground. The officer is heard saying, “She stabbed me.”

The first officer arrives and at this moment both officers fire several shots in the direction of the woman.

Roughly six seconds passed from when the officer got out of his car and said “stop” to when both officers fired their weapons. 

The woman died at the scene. 

Police said the officer was seriously injured, underwent surgery and was released two days later from the hospital.

Sacramento Police are required to publicly release video and audio files related to police shootings.