SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Stockton Boulevard in South Sacramento is typically a busy stretch of road, and it has had many challenges. But the city of Sacramento is hoping to change that by transforming it into a safe and welcoming area.

A look at the plans the city has laid out for the future of the busy stretch of road shows that the vision has already started. If you see new businesses and construction popping up along Stockton Boulevard, that means the ‘Stockton Boulevard Plan’ is officially in the works.

It is the city’s way of putting resources back into the community all while encouraging new opportunities to thrive here.

“He always saw an opportunity,” Alma Santillan, with Colonial Theater, said.

Santillan is referring to her dad, the man who bought the Colonial Theater along Stockton Boulevard more than 40 years ago. It has been a family business ever since.

“At first it was very challenging because everybody would tell my dad, don’t go there because it’s dangerous and everything,” Santillan said.

The last 40 years for the Colonial Theater have been rewarding, but it has also been challenging. While those challenges have changed throughout the years, it has not made it any easier to have a business right along Stockton Boulevard.

“There was a lot of prostitution. A lot of prostitution. Not just in the nighttime, but in the daytime,” Santillan said.

But Councilmember Eric Guerra is hoping the ‘Stockton Plan’ will change that.

“The Stockton Boulevard Plan is our mission to revitalize Stockton Boulevard, to create new housing, support our businesses and to make this corridor more than just the old Highway 99,” Guerra

That corridor is about a 5-mile stretch of road from Alhambra Boulevard to 65th street. Councilmember Guerra says it has been a long time coming given the history of this area.

“Sadly, much of this area was redlined, so it created inequities between communities of color,” Guerra said.

Today, the efforts to unite all those communities have already started.

“This is part of our workforce housing and part of the plan, where our grocery workers, our teachers, people that are getting priced out can come and live,” Guerra said.

On top of the housing, the plan includes more businesses, a new bus rapid transit system, and a focus on safety.

“We’re adding more lighting, more security, and that’s making this a much safer place because we’re increasing also the number of people walking,” Guerra said.

It is an important aspect for people like Santillan who believes in the future of Stockton Boulevard and the community that has helped keep her family’s business alive.

“The community, they went and supported the business and helped pay for the building,” Santillan said.

The ‘Stockton Boulevard plan’ will be an ongoing — in-the-works type of — plan as more businesses continue to pop up along there.

The plan will also allow for any tax revenue created there to stay there to reinvest in the area.