(KTXL) — A sideshow that occurred in South Sacramento Saturday night resulted in multiple citations and one arrest, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

On Saturday night, Sacramento Police officers responded to multiple sideshows that occurred throughout the city at various locations, with over 200 vehicles in attendance.

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The police department said that at a sideshow in the area of Florin Road and Amherst Drive, a person fired a gun into the crowd, however, no injuries were reported. After the gun was fired the group dispersed.

According to police, officers then conducted numerous traffic stops on people who fled the sideshow.

Police reported during the traffic stops nine traffic citations were issued and two misdemeanor citations were issued. One person was arrested due to a felony warrant and four vehicles were impounded.

The police department released a statement regarding the sideshows saying, “The Sacramento Police Department remains committed to enforcing sideshow activity in the City by working with regional agencies to dedicate numerous officers to planned sideshow events. The Sacramento Police Department would like to remind the public that participation in a sideshow can result in vehicles being impounded on-scene or at a later time and can lead to fines and penalties as well as a suspended license.”

The police department also said they will continue to identify those who were participating in the sideshow.