SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Over Sacramento State’s 75-years as an educational institution it has also served as a place of refuge for many area critters and none has become such a staple as the squirrel.

As a way to honor and document the relatively peaceful coexistent relationship the campus’s human population with the squirrel population, a group of current CSUS students created the “Sacramento State Squirrels” Instagram account.

In order to keep the focus of their efforts on the squirrels, the students who created the account said that they did not want to provide their names for this article.

“We chose squirrels because Sac State is full of them due to the many trees,” the account creators wrote in an email to FOX40 News. “They have so many places to set up a home, so much food to forage and scavenge, so many places to hide, and much of campus is built like a big park. It’s practically impossible to be outdoors on campus and not spot one.”

The account launched on Oct. 13 after the creators met in their college dorm hallway on Sept. 12 and began developing the idea of the account over Instagram direct messages.

A squirrel themed logo, inspired by Sac State’s own logo, was created by graphic design major Tristan McGrath.

In just under two weeks the account has gained 1,412 followers and the account’s creators were not expecting to see such a large growth so quickly.

“I think it goes to show that students appreciate the account and enjoy the fun squirrel posts,” the account creators shared. “We’ve been getting at least ten photos or videos of campus squirrels from students each day. It’s actually been somewhat of a challenge to decide what to post.”

Students can submit their squirrel photos and videos to the account’s email or through direct message.

In order to keep the squirrels and the students safe, content of people feeding the squirrels is not posted, according to the account creators.

“Even if the squirrels on campus spend a lot of time around humans, they are still wild animals, and we hope that we can convey that message to students and administration while helping them appreciate the squirrels.” the account creators shared.

The creators said that is fun to see current students and alumni enjoy the account, but they were not expecting local political leaders like Natomas Unified School Board candidate Noel Mora and Sacramento City Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby to also visit their account.

While the group of students have no specific goal for the account they just hope that “with appreciation hopefully comes a desire to learn and understand.”

For those wanting to submit their Sac State squirrel content they can do so to