(KTXL) — A rocket launching from New Mexico will be taking the ashes of a Sacramento woman into space on Wednesday as part of a memorial. 

Sy Vang, 43, died in November of 2020 from complications from ovarian cancer. She was active in the community and helped lead fundraisers that helped families in need. She was also a single mother to a son. 

She spent a period of time traveling in 2015 and climbed Everest Base Camp and Thron La Pass. She also helped refugees in Malaysia.

Her ashes were stored in a flight capsule and will be launched at sunrise as part of the Aurora Flight. For the flight on Wednesday, the flight capsule will return to Earth and be given to her family. Her family will also get other keepsakes, certifying the flight capsule was in space.

The company, Celestis, has been doing memorial spaceflights since 1994. Other capsules with ashes will be on the rocket as well. 

The launch on Wednesday will be Celestis’s 18th memorial spaceflight.