(KTXL) — Visitors can catch a glimpse of the Sacramento Zoo’s newest member, but only on a limited basis. 

A video posted by the zoo on Friday shows a giraffe calf running around inside a barn at the facility. The female calf, who doesn’t have a name yet, is running around next to its mother Shani.

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“Shani and her calf have been spending time together inside the giraffe barn, and it sure looks like our little gal has found her legs and is ready to explore a little further,” the zoo said on its Facebook page.  

Since Saturday, the pair have ventured out into a yard outside the barn that is off the zoo’s main giraffe habitat. To catch a glimpse of Shani and her calf, the zoo says the best time to see them is between 11 a.m. and noon. 

“The ability to see them will be weather dependent, and mom and calf will always have the choice whether to stay in the barn or come outside,” the zoo said. 

Photos from the Sacramento Zoo

The zoo officially welcomed the calf on Jan. 22, bringing the number of giraffes at the zoo to six. The birth marked the 21st calf born at the zoo since 1954.

When a calf is born, they can be as tall as 6 feet and weigh about 150 pounds and quickly grow to almost double their height within the first year, the zoo said. The zoo said a calf is able to stand on their own just minutes after being born. 

Shani and her calf aren’t ready for full-time access to the yard, but the zoo said it’ll keep visitors updated on social media. 

“After this initial trial period, we will continue introductions to the rest of the herd, and mom and calf will eventually have access to the full yard,” the zoo said.