(KTXL) — The Sacramento Zoo welcomed a baby giraffe on Sunday, bringing the number of giraffes at the zoo to six. 

Zookeepers first noticed on Jan. 18 that Shani was going to soon give birth and moved her to a separate stall to keep an eye on her.

The birth on Sunday marked the 21st calf born at the zoo since 1954, when giraffes were first welcomed to the Sacramento Zoo. 

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Visitors may catch a glimpse of the female calf and her mother every once in a while through the habitat’s side yard as they get some bonding time.

Shani and the new calf are Masai giraffes, the largest giraffe subspecies, according to the zoo. They are found in southern Kenya and Tanzania. 

When born, they can be as tall as 6 feet and weigh about 150 pounds. The zoo said they are able to stand on their own just minutes after being born.

According to the zoo, the calf’s official debut will depend on both the giraffes’ health and welfare. But the zoo will post on their social media pages when visitors can see her.