(KTXL) — Sacramento’s public transportation system SacRT is closing several light rail stations the first weekend of February in order to remodel a station that will meet the requirements of the system’s new trains that are being built.

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SacRT will remodel the 59th St. station, but service on the Gold Line will be impacted between the 29th St. and Power Inn stations the weekend of February 4-5.

Service between the two stations at either end of the closed stretch will be serviced by a “bus bridge,” a bus that ferries passengers between the two stations as they continue their ride on the light rail train.

“This is the beginning of a comprehensive effort to make our entire light rail system more modern, efficient and attractive to riders,” SacRT General Manager Henry Li said in a statement.

The remodel of the 59th St. station will allow for the use of new low-floor cars that allow for easier access for all users.

SacRT said in a statement that after the 59th St. station is modified, other light rail stations will be temporarily closed in phases, and the system will advise users as those closures occur.

SacRT expects to have all station remodels and the new low-floor light rail trains in service by summer 2024.