(FOX40.COM) — If you regularly use Sacramento Regional Transit’s on-demand service SmaRT Ride, you’ll want to know if the changes to schedules and zone sizes at the end of August will impact your area.

SmaRT Ride is a service that works a lot like rideshare apps; you use your smartphone to request a vehicle to pick you up and drop you off, and you can track the vehicle in real time as it heads your way and completes your ride.

The service has been operating in nine zones throughout the Sacramento metropolitan region, and SacRT said it is making adjustments to three of these as of August 28, affecting the size of two zones and the schedule of a third zone, in order to prioritize service in areas that are used more.

In the zone covering Citrus Heights-Antelope-Orangevale, the northeasternmost portion of the zone —the area east of Watchel Way and north of Elm Avenue— is being removed, as well as the portion south of Madison Avenue. Service times will change to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In the zone covering Florin-Gerber, service will be extended north of Fruitridge Road. SacRT said this will help serve an area bound by 14th St., Power Inn Road and Stockton Blvd.

In the zone covering Downtown-Midtown-East Sacramento, service will be canceled for the area east of Alhambra Blvd., reducing this zone to about half of its size.

The Downtown-Midtown-East Sacramento zone will also reduce its service hours, operating from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., which will put it in line with all of the other SmaRT Ride zone schedules.

SacRT said that no other zone sizes or schedules will be impacted, and the agency added that the SmaRT Ride app will also be revamped and will include transit options if a shuttle is unavailable.