(KTXL) — A city-owned property in Old North Sacramento will soon be turned into a “self-governing safe parking shelter” for unhoused residents. 

The people currently living at 2225 Colfax Street will be able to stay and transition into city-supplied trailers or resident-owned RVs. 

Safe Ground Sacramento, Inc. entered into a $0 lease agreement with the city, with the intention of taking over management and liability of the site. The lease runs for 120 days, and renewals of the lease would allow for another 120 days until those living there move to permanent housing.

The site will be able to house 33 trailers, and the number of parking spaces will be determined by the Sacramento Fire Marshall. According to the city, it will provide privacy fencing for the location and up to 33 trailers. 

Safe Ground Sacramento proposed the idea of the self-governing site, and Councilmember Sean Loloee, whose district encompasses the location, brokered the agreement. 

“This agreement, the first of its kind for Sacramento, highlights the City’s flexibility and willingness to explore new ways to address the ongoing homelessness crisis with a variety of partners,” Councilmember Sean Loloee said. 

According to the city, the site will be managed by a resident council and a city-approved operations plan. The operations plan includes a “good neighbor policy” that residents have to abide by. It also lists rules on managing a waitlist and maintenance and security.

Previous plans to place sleeping cabins at the site reportedly fell through due to land-use conditions set by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. According to the city, the location was only suitable for safe parking due to soil contamination and the cost of continuing with the proposal.

“Following further consideration, the City decided not to move forward with the plan because of concerns about operating costs relative to the number of people served,” the city said.