(KTXL) — SMUD wants people to keep some balloon safety tips in mind as Valentine’s Day approaches in order to avoid any power outages. 

Those celebrating Valentine’s Day will often buy their loved ones helium-filled balloons and flowers. On occasion, however, those balloons drift away outside and make contact with power lines. 

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When that happens, it’s the kind of sparks people won’t be happy to have on Valentine’s Day. The balloons can cause power outages when they touch power lines. 

According to SMUD, homes and businesses lose power due to these incidents each year.

It’s even possible for power lines to fall to the ground, which could start a fire or injure those in the area.

SMUD offered tips to avoid any issues.
•Never let helium-filled balloons drift away outdoors
•Never try to retrieve balloons caught in power lines
•Never go near a downed power line or dangling wire and keep others away as well
•Never tie metallic string or streamers to balloons.
•Never bundle balloons together.

Call SMUD at 1-888-456-7683 or call 911 to report any downed power lines.