(FOX40.COM) –Hundreds of former and current Sacramento residents are owed money from the electric utility service known as SMUD and have until Dec. 18 to claim their checks.

“Most of the checks are from overpayments or credits on a SMUD account,” a SMUD spokesperson said to FOX40.com. “Sometimes people close their accounts, move out of state, or have passed away so we weren’t able to reach them.”

According to the 47-page list, the amount of unclaimed money per individual ranges from $8 to $8000. The names of customers and vendors who have not yet cashed checks dated Sept. 30, 2020, or earlier, are available on smud.org. The list of names will be posted until Dec. 18.

SMUD reported that to retrieve funds, people can call 916-732-7440 and supply the claimant’s name, current address, telephone number and address for the time period between Oct.1, 2019 and Sept. 30, 2020. Claims can also be mailed to:

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Unclaimed Monies
6201 S Street, Mail Stop B352
Sacramento, CA 95817-1818

To file a claim on an uncashed check, the claimant’s name must be included on the list to be valid, according to the SMUD website. Replacement checks will be issued only to the payee or upon proof of death, to the payee’s beneficiary.

Each year, SMUD said they post this information to find the money’s rightful owner. Claims must be made by 5 p.m. on Dec. 18 or they become the property of SMUD under California law.