(FOX40.COM) — During his third and final panel discussion on Friday, Mayor Darrell Steinberg is proposing the Climate, Clean Transportation and Affordable Housing Act of 2024 asking voters to approve a half-cent county-wide sales tax next November.

If voters approve the measure on the 2024 ballot, $8.5 billion would be raised over the next 40 years. $3 billion of that would go toward affordable housing and displacement prevention.

“Up to one quarter should go toward keeping people stably housed for we know for every homeless person we get off the street, three more become homeless. Prevention is a big part of the cure here,” Steinberg said.

Another roughly $3 billion dollars would be for public transit and transportation improvements and the other chunk of money would go toward repairing our streets and adding more mobility options.

Steinberg is proposing that this half-cent county-wide sales tax be put forward by the Sacramento Transportation Authority and placed on the 2024 ballot.

It would then be up to the people of Sacramento to decide whether or not they’re on board.