(KTXL) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced he will not seek a third term as mayor of Sacramento.

“Somebody once said to me… in life and certainly in public service, you don’t get to pick your time,” Steinberg said. “Your time picks you.”

Steinberg is reportedly being considered for a judgeship on the Third District Court of Appeals, according to Politico.

“I’ve submitted an application for the judiciary because I’m open to all possibilities for my long-term future,” Steinberg said to Politico in December.

At a press conference announcing his decision on Thursday, Steinberg did not deny that he might run for California Attorney General, a position which he said he had been considered for after Xavier Becerra was appointed the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services by President Joe Biden.

“I was in the running for that appointment a year and a half ago and that didn’t work out but in a way that was a blessing,” Steinberg said.

Steinberg spent most of the two decades prior to becoming mayor as an Assemblymember and then Senator in the California State Legislature.

Steinberg also addressed what he called a “very unpleasant” city council meeting that occurred earlier that week where the city council called for a recess and cleared the room after a member of the public began saying anti-Semitic comments during public comment.

“We have to model the behavior that we want to see among others in our community,” Steinberg said. “Aside from the bigots, who to me don’t count,… there are strongly held points of view in this community about the direction of our community, about the issues we take up week-to-week, and about what the city… should or should not be doing better in order to address our very real challenges.”

In the run-up to his eventual re-election in 2020, Steinberg had already said he would not run for a third term as mayor.

At least three candidates, Epidemiologist Dr. Flojaune Cofer, former California Deputy Attorney General Maggie Krell and Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, have announced they are running for mayor in 2024.

Steinberg declined to endorse a candidate to replace him “at this point.”