SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Merchants along Fruitridge Road and Stockton Boulevard say crime is affecting their businesses and that workers and customers don’t feel safe.

“I’ve had everything from vandalized windows, front door broken out,” Frank Sherfey, Stockridge Laundry owner, said.

Sherfey opened up Stockridge Laundry at the beginning of the pandemic. He and other area business owners want to make things safer for their customers and themselves.

FOX40 interviewed Sherfey on Monday, and during the interview, someone he says is a repeat offender at his businesses entered again.

“Security … that guy is a 602. Get him out of here. The guy in the hat,” Sherfey told security.

The code Sherfey cited is the penal code for trespassing. He says the man will get a citation but likely will never show up to court.

“It’s a perpetuating problem. That guy’s in my store, three times a week, damaging machines,” Sherfey said. “I’ve had my life threatened two or three times here. As recent as a week ago today, Monday, which I called security. I called police.” 

“As a department, we recognize the frustration incidents like these can cause business owners and remain committed to responding to incidents as they occur, continuing to educate our community on crime prevention and safety tips, and working with our local partners to reduce crimes and behaviors that negatively impact businesses in our city,” Sacramento Police said.

“Law enforcement: They’re doing a great job, but their hands are strapped. Their hands are tied,” Sherfey said.

Frank says the criminal element just does what they want, including drugs in the parking lot.

“Business owners like me are suffering; patrons are suffering. Every day I get a story from a patron that says, I used to come here. Or I don’t feel safe coming here at night,” Sherfey said.

“It’s a lot of dangers in this place,” Rafael Espinoza, El Amigazo Western Wear owner, said.

Espinoza has owned El Amigazo Western Wear for seven years. He says people have gone inside his western clothing store several times, grab items and run out.

“So, it’s very hard for businesses,” Espinoza said. “My customers get scared. We need to do something.”

The two men are hosting a business owners’ meeting with City Councilman Eric Guerra to share concerns and help find solutions.