SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento residents are getting the chance to help decide on which new posts will run along the city’s parking protected bikeway paths.

The paths run alongside the curb, and they are separated from actual traffic by the parking lane for cars. But the first posts used to act as a divider between the parking lane and the bikeways didn’t last long. 

“We initially tried a type of vertical flex post for the buffer zone, but those didn’t last very long,” said Jeff Jelsma, transportation planner with the Department of Public Works. “The new types we’re proposing are more durable and will hold up longer over time.”

There are three variations from which respondents will get to choose. Residents will be asked which one they think will be more visible and effective in protecting the bikeways.

(Photo from city of Sacramento)

Before choosing which post, the community survey will ask respondents if they travel along J Street, how often they do and what their reason for traveling down J Street — shopping, dining, for work, home or to get somewhere else.

It will also ask respondents how often they walk, bike, drive or use public transportation to travel on J Street. 

The survey will then give people the chance to answer several questions about the posts regarding likability, visibility and effectiveness. 

To take the survey, click or tap here

According to the city, the posts are expected to be installed spring 2023.