SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Additional restaurants throughout California were put on the prestigious 2022 Michelin Guide, including some within driving distance from Sacramento. 

A total of 18 more restaurants now have a rating from Michelin, most earning one star. 

Out of the new restaurants to make it to this year’s Michelin Guide with a one-star rating, here are the eateries that are in Sacramento or within driving distance of the city. 

Localis (Sacramento)

Localis, located at 2031 S Street in midtown Sacramento, is owned and led by Chef Chris Barnum-Dann and it’s the only Sacramento-area restaurant to earn a Michelin star this year.

It’s the second restaurant in Sacramento to be awarded a Michelin star with the Kitchen having its star since 2019. Localis is listed in the Michelin Guide as “Californian” cuisine. 

“The cooking has a clean, modern simplicity, and its commitment to carefully sourced ingredients is thoroughly Californian,” the Michelin Guide reads. “It also offers no shortage of personality, combining flavors while also drawing from various global cuisines.”

Nisei (approximately 1 hour, 36 minutes away)

Nisei is located at 2316 Polk Street in San Francisco and offers Japanese/contemporary cuisine, according to the Michelin Guide. The restaurant is about an 87.5 mile drive away from Sacramento. 

“The kitchen employs both boldness and subtlety in their cooking, which abounds with personality and technical finesse,” the Michelin Guide reads. 

Osito (approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes away)

Osito is located at 2875 18th Street in San Francisco and is a spot where “live fire cooking takes center stage.” The restaurant is about an 87.1-mile drive away from Sacramento. 

“The food is both elemental and elevated, with a subtle perfume of smoke wending through the various courses, seen in dishes like a lightly cooked king salmon with fennel and porcini, or a slow-cooked brisket brushed tableside with an intensely savory mussel BBQ sauce,” the Michelin Guide reads.

Press (approximately 1 hour, 18 minutes away)

Press is located at 587 St. Helena Street in the Napa County town of Saint Helena. The restaurant offers an American-type of cuisine off Highway 29 and is about a 76-mile drive from Sacramento. 

According to the Michelin Guide, Press features “cozy dark wood, a fireplace and lofty ceilings” and a “decorative ceramic rock sourced from a bygone NY train station.” The restaurant also offers the largest collection of Napa wines in the world, the Michelin Guide reads. 

“Chef Phillip Tessier is equally inspired by the location, delivering contemporary, Californian dishes such as Kusshi oysters with whipped horseradish; citrus-cured snapper with yuzu curd; and white truffle risotto that is simply sophisticated,” the guide reads. “A flawlessly smooth quenelle of chestnut-cognac ice cream sitting over a cloud-like mound of coconut-flavored whipped cream is just one of the memorable desserts.” 

San Ho Won (approximately 1 hour, 32 minutes away)

San Ho Won is located at 2170 Bryant Street in San Francisco and offers traditional Korean cuisine. The Korean restaurant is about an 88.8-mile drive from Sacramento.  

“The menu includes some typical barbecue items, as well as dishes rooted in home cooking, including hearty stews like the cross-cultural kimchi jjigae pozole,” the Michelin Guide reads. “Solid lychee wood charcoal is made especially for the restaurant, lending a singular quality to grilled items like the succulent galbi.” 

Ssal (approximately 1 hour, 41 minutes away)

Ssal is another Korean restaurant you can check out in San Francisco and is located at 2226 Polk Street. The Korean restaurant is about an 87.5-mile drive from Sacramento. 

“Beef short ribs are something of a signature, gently cooked sous vide, then seared to form a sweet-savory crust,” the Michelin Guide reads. “Desserts end the meal with a feather-light touch, like a sorbet of magnolia berry over green plum granita, garnished with a black sesame tuile.” 

What is the Michelin Guide?

The Michelin Guide was created by brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, who also founded the Michelin tire company in 1889. After founding their company, the brothers had the idea of creating a guidebook with maps, gas station locations, and tire-changing tips for motorists. 

The listing of restaurants became influential, leading the brothers to begin sending out restaurant inspectors. The brothers began awarding single stars to worthy establishments in 1926 and created the star system five years later. The new ranking system would later be published for the first time in the guide in 1936.

There are over 40,000 establishments across 24 territories and three continents that have received a ranking from the world-famous system.