SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Throughout the 1970s and 80s, several unsolved murders and crimes in Sacramento and other parts of California were later traced back to people with connections to Sacramento.

The individuals that went on the separate crime sprees became known as the serial killers with connections to Sacramento, including the Golden State Killer, who was sentenced in 2020 for crimes dating back almost half a century.

Roger Kibbe

Roger Kibbe, otherwise known as the I-5 Strangler, was a serial killer and rapist who found a majority of his victims along Interstate 5 around Sacramento.

Kibbe strangled at least 7 women to death in the 1970s and 80s in California. He was convicted in 1991 for strangling Darcine Frackenpohl, 17, in 1987, and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. 

According to the Sacramento Bee, DNA evidence linked Kibbe to two other murders. In order to avoid the death penalty, Kibbe admitted to an additional four murders. 

Kibbe was strangled to death in his cell in 2021.

Dorothea Puente

Throughout the 1980s, as many as nine deaths in Sacramento were investigated as being connected to Dorothea Puente. She was ultimately convicted in three of the murders, having buried her victims outside her boarding house in Downtown Sacramento.

Puente would organize meetings in her house, where she offered aid to alcoholics, the homeless, and the mentally ill, including setting up their Social Security accounts and at times letting some live at her house, located at near 14th St. and F St.

It was later discovered that Puente killed some of the tenants living in her house and fraudulently obtained their Social Security payments.

Puente was charged with nine counts of murder but only convicted of three, with the jury deadlocking on six of the cases.

Buried in her backyard were the bodies of Leona Carpenter, 81, Dorothy Miller, 65, Alvaro Montoya, 52, Benjamin Fink, 55, James Gallop, 64, Vera Faye Martin, 65, and Betty Palmer, 80. She was also charged with the murders of Everson Gillmouth and Ruth Monroe.

Puente was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole and died in the Central California Women’s Facility, in Chowchilla, in 2011. She was 82.

Joseph James DeAngelo

Joseph James DeAngelo was linked to separate crime sprees throughout California that earned him the nicknames Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist. Cases linked to him included burglarizing over 120 homes, raping dozens of women and murdering at least 13 across California.

DeAngelo grew up in the Sacramento area, eventually taking an internship at the Roseville Police Department and working as a police officer for Auburn.

The first crime spree attributed to DeAngelo is one that lasted a few years beginning in 1974 in the area of Visalia, California, where a suspect murdered one person and burglarized around 120 homes.

In 1979, DeAngelo moved to Southern California, where he continued his crimes throughout the 1980s and murdered a majority of his victims. 

After 1986, there were no more crimes reported.

In April of 2018, DeAngelo was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder. DNA evidence was found that linked him to the crimes. However, due to California’s statute of limitations, DeAngelo was not charged for any crimes that occurred throughout the 1970s.

In August 2018, DeAngelo was charged with 13 kidnapping and abduction attempts. In June of 2020, DeAngelo pled guilty to multiple counts of kidnapping and murder. He was spared the death penalty and is currently held at California State Prison, Corcoran.