SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Multiple schools in Sacramento will be getting improvements in their area for pedestrian and cyclist safety as part of a larger initiative to make streets less dangerous. 

The city of Sacramento said the improvements will include new curb ramps, high visibility crosswalks, additional bike lanes and buffers for bike lanes. According to the city, the federal government will be giving them $2.2 million for the project. 

“The safety upgrades are part of a broader array of investments made throughout the city as part of the Vision Zero pedestrian, bike, and vehicle safety plan,” the city said. 

A total of nine schools will be getting the improvements. 

  • Aspire Capitol Heights Academy (elementary)
  • Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School
  • Natomas High School
  • Oak Ridge Elementary
  • St. Hope Public School 7 (K-8)
  • Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences (elementary)
  • The Met Sacramento High School
  • West Campus High School
  • William Land Elementary

The city said those schools were partly prioritized due to being near streets that have high numbers of severe injuries and deaths because of crashes. Other factors included whether any improvements were made recently and if the school was in a historically disadvantaged community. 

According to the city, those nine schools are also a part of 20 other ones that were prioritized for traffic safety improvements. That program is working to make biking and walking to school more accessible and safe. 

The city said they also reduced the speed limit near 115 schools to 15 MPH.

There is no date of completion for the improvements.