(FOX40.COM) — A recent traffic stop deemed “high risk” by police that involved a mother and her young son was a ‘case of mistaken identity’ and the agency has provided an apology, Sacramento Police said on Wednesday afternoon.

The traffic stop happened on Oct. 17 around 5 p.m., police said. Officers were searching for a child who was wanted for two felony warrants, including one for “gun possession.”

Police said that officers saw the boy, whom they believed to be the suspect, enter the vehicle.

Officers then conducted the “high risk” stop of the vehicle and ultimately realized the child was not the suspect.

Police said that the officers apologized to the mother and her son and that the agency has been in contact with the family since then.

“We recognize the impact that police interactions can have on our community members. This incident is under review,” police said in a statement.

The mother said she is exploring whether to take legal action against Sacramento Police, according to an interview she granted ABC News.