(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento police said they have located and identified the owner of an unmarked fire engine that has been seen in the city.

In a social media post, the department said that the truck was not stolen and it is not illegal for an individual to own a decommissioned fire truck.

However, the Sacramento Police Department said it is illegal to hook the fire engine to a fire hydrant and steal water for recreation.

“Officers from our traffic enforcement team advised the owner on the proper license endorsements needed and the emergency vehicle equipment violations that must be corrected before a vehicle of this type can be legally operated on a roadway,” the post read.

A video sent to FOX40.com showed two men spraying water from the top of the unmarked fire engine near the intersection of Alhambra and W streets.

Photos posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, show the truck spraying water onto the sidewalk.

“We want to thank the Sacramento Fire Department and the community for their assistance,” authorities said.