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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released video of the day a deputy fatally shot a man, whose family says only ever posed a danger to himself.

On Sept. 28, Jaime Naranjo, 55, was killed at his home in South Sacramento. Lisa Naranjo, Jaime’s wife, told FOX40 she called 911 after her husband threatened to harm himself with a machete.

“He needed help. He asked for help. “Call. Call, please call. I need help,” Lisa Naranjo said.

The sheriff’s office said the caller informed them Jaime Naranjo “did not take medications for mental health and that he did not have a history of violence towards anyone, including law enforcement and that he had never been placed on a Mental Health Hold.”

According to Lisa Naranjo, things quickly turned south once a Sacramento County deputy showed up at the home.

“They were telling him, ‘Stop, stop’ and he said ‘No, I’m tired. I’m tired.’ And the cop threw me on the floor, and then the cop shot him,” Lisa Naranjo said.

Video released by the sheriff’s office shows the moments leading up to the shooting. The video shows the deputy arriving at the home and entering the front yard. 

He is met by Lisa Naranjo, and he makes contact with Jaime Naranjo, who is at the front door, within seconds of entering the front yard. The deputy is heard saying, “Is it you?” And he then begins to repeatedly tell Jaime Naranjo to “put it down,” referring to the machete. 

The deputy pushes Lisa Naranjo to the ground as her husband approaches them. In the video, Jaime Naranjo appears to put one hand up to his face, partially covering his eyes. He then swings the machete while continuing to hold his face and walking toward the deputy and his wife. 

The video shows Jaime Naranjo begin to walk around his wife, who is on the ground, and continue toward the deputy when the deputy shoots him. 

“Once the deputy was backed up to the fence and the subject continued to ignore the commands and advance towards the deputy and female, the deputy fired his duty weapon striking the subject multiple times,” the sheriff’s office said.

The last few seconds of the video show the deputy approaching Jaime Naranjo, who fell to the ground in front of his wife.

“Instead of going to the left side, the taser, they went for the right side, the gun, and they shot to kill. They shot my dad when he needed help,” Shavon Acosta Naranjo said.