SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A candlelight vigil was held for a Sacramento man who was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy outside his own home on Wednesday.

Jaime Naranjo, 55, was killed at his home in South Sacramento after authorities say he threatened a deputy with a machete. Naranjo’s family says he was only a danger to himself.

Hundreds were outside the home.

“We’ve been to funeral homes today and that is very stressful. And after that and seeing this — It makes my heart happy,”  Shavon Acosta Naranjo, Jaime Naranjo’s daughter, said.

Lisa Naranjo, Jaime’s wife, told FOX40 she called 911 after her husband threatened to harm himself with a machete.

“He needed help. He asked for help. “Call. Call, please call. I need help,” Lisa Naranjo said.

But once a Sacramento County deputy showed up at the home, Lisa Naranjo says things quickly turned south.

“They were telling him, ‘Stop, stop’ and he said ‘No, I’m tired. I’m tired.’ And the cop threw me on the floor, and then the cop shot him, and they handcuffed him. Why? Don’t understand why,” Lisa Naranjo said.

“The officer arrived, the subject was standing in front of the resident with a machete and advanced on the officer,” Lt. Rod Grassmann said.

But Naranjo’s family says the man who planted trees around the city and took his daughters to fish would never turn the blade on anyone.

“Instead of going to the left side, the taser, they went for the right side, the gun, and they shot to kill. They shot my dad when he needed help,” Shavon Acosta Naranjo said.

“I called for help and you killed him. You took my life partner,” Lisa Naranjo said.

Now, the family awaits body cam footage to show what they say truly happened.

FOX40 was told by Grossmann that body cam footage will be available in the coming days.

Naranjo leaves behind three daughters and 10 grandchildren.