SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Is there a place in Sacramento that you won’t return to? That is a question that sparked a conversation that received hundreds of responses on the Sacramento Reddit page.

“What is your ‘I’ll never return to’ place in Sacramento?” the post read. 

As of Wednesday morning, the post had close to 1,000 comments, where Redditors (users) mentioned multiple places in midtown, downtown, and throughout the Sacramento area. 

Dozens of restaurants and bars were mentioned in the post, with users stating that it was either due to the customer service, the quality of their food or drink, or for being overcrowded.   

One of the places mentioned multiple times was Dive Bar, a popular bar in the downtown Sacramento night scene on K and 10th streets.

The bar is known for having a woman in a mermaid costume swimming in the tanks above the bar. The bar is also busy during the nighttime hours on the weekends. 

Another place mentioned multiple times was Zelda’s Original Gourmet Pizza.

The midtown pizza spot is known for serving Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas and has been a staple in the capital city for over 40 years. 

The Reddit post didn’t just mention bars and restaurants. One Redditor jokingly responded with the Sacramento County Main Jail with another Redditor saying it’s the “worst place ever.”

While the original poster of the question didn’t specify about naming places someone wouldn’t return to because of a previous negative experience, some users took the question a little more literally and mentioned places that no longer physically exist.

Some Redditors morosely mentioned Arco Arena as a place they’ll never return to. The demolition process started in August 2022 and concluded a month later. 

Arco Arena was the former home of the Sacramento Kings and the team played there from 1988 to 2016. The Sacramento Monarchs of the WNBA also played at the arena from 1997 until it ceased operations in 2009.

The popular “6th Man” statue was also removed during the demolition process. 

Drone footage from FOX40 News in August showed some of the exterior work when the demolition process began.

Another place that doesn’t exist also mentioned in the post was Dimple Records, a record store that was a staple in the Sacramento area for many years.

During its 45-year existence, Dimple Records sold new and used CDs and vinyl records, along with movies, books and video games at its locations throughout the Sacramento region. The record store officially closed in June 2019.