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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Social media lit up on Halloween night when a purple light was directed into the sky above downtown Sacramento, taking many Sacramento residents by surprise. The light is now gone, but there could be more opportunities to see it.

The clouds allowed the light, a vertical beam, to be seen for several miles around by anyone that was outside, and there were thousands of people trick-or-treating at that time, more or less around 8 p.m.

Right around that same time, a certain NBA team from Sacramento had wrapped up a victorious game on the east coast.

The Sacramento Kings beat the Charlotte Hornets all the way out in North Carolina, and the Kings administration illuminated the sky above California’s capital city with a new way to mark the team’s victories…a vertical, purple beam of light.

Kings administrators confirmed to FOX40’s Sports Team that the purple light was its ‘Victory Beam.’ It was turned on after the team beat the Hornets 115-108.

The light will continue to be in use during the season whenever the team wins a game, whether that is in Sacramento or in any of the other NBA team’s cities.

The Kings’ next game is on Nov. 2 against the Miami Heat. The game takes place in Miami.

If the Kings win and you happen to be in or near downtown Sacramento, look up, and you just might catch the celebratory display.