SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento State Police Department released on Wednesday the real name and new details of ‘Zayn,’ the man it believes is the suspect in two sexual assaults that occurred on or near the university’s campus.

Several weeks ago, campus police released a photo of the suspect with his supposed nickname, but they have now identified him as Nida Muhammad Niazy, 31 years old.

Campus police also said that on Nov. 10, law enforcement went to Niazy’s home to serve a search warrant in connection to the assaults, but did not find him there.

Campus police believe that Niazy is connected to two sexual assaults, one that occurred on Sept. 23 and another on Oct. 5.

Niazy was initially thought to be younger, but campus police now say that he is 31. He has been described as having brown hair, brown eyes, weighing about 175 pounds and measuring around 6 feet.

In a photo shared by campus police, the man is seen with long hair and a short goatee, wearing a white watch, a white shirt and a blue bandanna holding his hair back.

Officers have continued to try and locate Niazy, however, his current whereabouts are unknown. Police are asking anyone who has information about Niazy to contact the police at 916-278-6000.

Other Recent Sexual Assaults Reported at Sacramento State

In the last several months, two other assaults occurred on or near the campus that were not found to be connected to the same suspect.

At around 9 p.m. on Oct. 27, a student was sexually assaulted in one of the university’s computer labs, campus police said.

The victim in that case said that the suspect was known to them and provided police with a description.

In a separate case, a man was arrested on Oct. 11 after being found in connection with a sexual assault that occurred on Oct. 8.