SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Heavy rain and windy conditions can cause trees and palm trees to fall over, and potentially damage homes and personal property.

According to the City of Sacramento’s website, strong winds and soil that has been soaked with rainfall could make trees vulnerable due to a loss of anchorage and the moving of soil around the tree’s base. 

If a tree falls, who is responsible for removing it? Is it the homeowner or the city or county government? It depends on where the tree is located. 

The city said its highest priority is safety and clearing access to the road, but debris left over from a tree on private property, such as fallen branches, will need to be cleared by the homeowner. 

The city said it only maintains trees on public property and tree maintenance for trees on private property should be provided by professionals.

Usually, the planters between the sidewalk and the street belong to the local government. A call to 3-1-1, which leads to city services, could clarify if a tree at a certain address is the responsibility of the city or the homeowner.

If a tree comes in contact with an electrical wire, this could potentially involve the electrical provider, such as SMUD or PG&E.

The City of Sacramento urges the public to not touch a tree that is now touching wires. The city said to assume the tree is “energized” and “dangerous” and call SMUD, PG&E or the electrical provider immediately. 

According to the city, emergency response crews clear the right-of-way and remove public tree debris. The crews are from the Urban Forestry section of the city’s Public Works Department. 

Tree emergencies involving trees on private property are the property owner’s responsibility. The city said to call 3-1-1 and a call center agent will process a request for a tree problem that occurs after hours or during a storm. 

When reporting a tree problem, you may be asked to provide the following information; address, the cross street, and telephone number (if you are the property owner or resident).