(KTXL) — Workers and customers at the Safeway on Howe Avenue said people casually going into the store to steal has been an ongoing problem for several months.

“It’s bad. It’s bad,” Marvin Williams, a Safeway shopper, said.

Over the past couple of months, FOX 40 has spoken with Safeway customers and workers at the Howe Avenue location who said countless people routinely go in and steal from the store.

“Later in the night, there’s definitely some figures that seem that would be happening,” Tiago Mills, Sacramento State student, said.

“People just come there with bags all ready to participate in stealing,” Williams said. “They go back to their car and get another bag and come back.”

Williams shops at the Safeway on Howe Avenue up to three times a week.

“I talked to a security guard. Security guy says he’s only allowed to do the parking lot,” Williams said.

Several Safeway workers tell FOX40 they have no security inside and fear for their safety and the safety of their customers whenever those who steal go into the store.

We asked Safeway what they were doing about the ongoing thefts and if hiring security was an option they were looking at.

They said in part:

“Safeway closely monitors and evaluates the security needs of every store, which includes determining the use of guard services.”

Sacramento Police said they’ve been working with Safeway, holding monthly meetings, to address crime and community concerns. And they are working on finding long-term solutions.

Safeway has made some recent changes to another store location.

Workers and shoppers at the midtown Safeway said security gates inside the doors were put in less than a week ago because of ongoing problems with people who steal.

One employee said management told them the dollar loss has been in the thousands each week.

FOX 40 asked Safeway if this was another option for the store on Howe Avenue. We haven’t yet heard back.

“I just feel like I got a watch myself in the store,” Williams said.

Mills said businesses should take the steps to ensure customers feel safe while shopping.