SACRAMENTO,Calif (KTXL) — The city of Sacramento has two projects planned to help handle future stormwater and sewage issues with the help of $3.5 million in federal funding.

The projects will create two new underground reservoirs in the central area of the city: one in Newton Booth at W Street and 25th Street and another in Midtown at 24th Street and K Street. Construction on both is set to begin in five years.

These new reservoirs will serve the same purpose as the subterranean McKinley Water Vault, installed recently, by diverting stormwater into underground tanks to prevent the backflow of both stormwater and sewage during periods of heavy rainfall.

In 2017, the Sacramento region experienced extreme rainfall that flooded parts of the downtown area and also caused sewage to back up into some flooded streets.

In October 2021, Sacramento saw 5.44 inches of rain in a 24-hour period, which broke the 1980 record of 5.28 inches.

During that storm, the McKinley Water Vault’s 6-million-gallon tank filled to 100 percent and prevented stormwater and sewage water from flooding in area streets.

Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, worked to secure several millions of dollars in federal funding from the $1.5 trillion spending package signed by President Joe Biden.

“We know what our communities need, and we have the hard workers standing ready to get these projects done,” Matsui said in a Facebook post about the upcoming projects. “We are making sure that Sacramento stays safe for hundreds of years to come.”