PLACER COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) —  Conditions in the Sierra were clear for most of the day, but truck drivers had a difficult time getting through the snow in Cisco Grove.

Outside of a Chevron, several big rigs were stuck in the snow and ice Friday morning. 

A late spring storm left the Sierra looking like a winter wonderland in April, but for Raymond Auteriy, a driver from Alabama, it was no wonderland at all. 

“All the ice got frozen around my tires so that’s why I had to maneuver around it, but it took like two to three hours,” Auteriy said. 

Auteriy spent much of the morning trying to figure a way out of being stuck. Hours later, Auteriy got out and went back on his route to his home state. 

“It threw me for a loop when I saw all of this snow because I said ‘I have never seen this much snow anywhere,” Auteriy said.

Even though conditions were clear most of the day, the road conditions proved to be too much for their 18-wheelers. 

Nakeyshia Fereria, a driver from Florida, decided to pull over for a few hours due to the conditions of the road. 

“OK so I didn’t know that California it snowed,” Fereria said. “I guess because we’re in the mountains, it does snow, so it definitely a shocker and we thought we were beating out the snow. In California – snow advisory? – what the heck?” 

Fereria went onto the road, as she and fellow drivers vowed to keep calm and cautious while driving, making safety the priority, taking it slow in the snow. 

“Only by the grace of God man,” Auteriy said. “Only by the grace of God.”