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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As temperatures heat up, many people are hitting local swimming pools, lakes, and rivers to cool off. However, safety officials continue to be on high alert as we have already seen several people drown throughout the region.

Many people had gone to Tiscornia Beach in Sacramento to cool down.

“The water is cold but it’s cool,” said Faith Morris who was at the beach.

Officials continue to stress being cautious around the water as the region deals with drownings. Over a two-week span from Lake Berryessa to the Sierra and everything in-between, at least 12 people have drowned.

“It was caused by people not wearing life jackets and maybe drinking a little too much,” said Drowning and Rescue Team Team Leader, Keith McAndrews. “More likely to survive if you have a vest on, especially if it’s worn properly.”

McAndrews said the water is moving faster now than it was a few weeks ago. Swimmers should not only worry about the surface of the water but what is also underneath.

“There are currents under the water you don’t see especially in this area right here. There is a trench, and that trench causes the water to speed up below the surface and if you go under, then you can get caught in that current you can get pulled down 15-20 feet easily,” McAndrews explained.

DART said if you find yourself getting caught in a current, don’t fight it. Instead swim with it and get out. With the days continuing to be hot, DART also urges people to take extra precautions and stay hydrated.