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WOODLAND, Calif. (KTXL) – For more than 150 years, the Holy Rosary Church has served the Catholic community in Woodland.

But sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, police say three female saint statues were vandalized with their eyes sprayed black. 

“It was disturbing. It really was. I was just like, ‘Wow, just unfortunate.’” said a member of the church. 

The woman, who did not want to reveal her identity, says she has been a member of the church for more than four decades. 

“That’s part of our church. It’s a special religious thing,” the woman said. “And to see them go spray paint black masks. It’s very sad, it’s a sad situation.” 

Both Woodland police and the woman told FOX40 that vandalism is nothing new there. Statues have been damaged in the past. 

Police say they have no motive or suspect information for the most recent act. 

“You know, a lot of people were upset about it today. We just got to come together and try to help the situation out. What we can anyways,” the woman said.