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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) – The amount of street racing and sideshow activities is increasing and law enforcement agencies, especially in San Joaquin County, are taking steps to stop it. 

Recently, some California Highway Patrol Stockton officers went to street racing enforcement training, and it didn’t take them long before they put that training to use. 

“We are seeing more and more cars here in this county,” said Officer Ruben Jones. 

Less than 24 hours after he and another officer completed their training, they stopped a vehicle after seeing multiple mechanical-type violations. 

They later found out the vehicle had previously participated in sideshows in the county. 

“Pooling resources together gives us a greater impact and greater presence to be able to stop this type of activity,” Jones said. 

That team is the San Joaquin County Street Racing Task Force, which consists of other law enforcement agencies in the county. 

Jones warns people who attend sideshows and street races that they can be cited for just attending. Officers can also impound vehicles even after the event. 

“We are not there to kill anybody’s fun, but this behavior is extremely dangerous,” Jones said. “We have had incidents where people have been killed and hurt or vehicles have gone out of control and hit and killed or injured spectators.”

Officers have access to different grants to stop these types of activities, and with Cinco de Mayo approaching, law enforcement is prepared for those sideshow and street racing events.