San Joaquin County car club pays children’s lunch debt at Woodbridge Elementary

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — When the president of the San Joaquin County Car Clubs Unite found out Woodbridge Elementary parents owed hundreds of dollars in unpaid lunches, she decided to help clear the debt.

“They’re just people, just like all of us,” Car Clubs Unite President Felicia Ramirez told FOX40. “We may have had a little bit of a rough background, but we’re no different than anybody else.”

Low rider drivers say they’re often misjudged, stereotyped and mislabeled. But there’s something the drivers love more than their cars, and on Friday afternoon, they showed what it is they love: They love their community.

“I know sometimes parents don’t have enough money to pay for their school lunches, so this really helps a lot for all the students,” cafeteria assistant Maria Aguilar said.

Ramirez says earlier this week she got to work on an epic Christmas gift. She helped raise a thousand dollars with the help of other members and businesses to pay off the lunch debt.

“I figured what better people to call than the people that I know from the Vintage Car Club because it’s their community,” Ramirez said. “And I know that they’re very adamant about helping their community.”

Mechanic Raul Valenzuela with Valley Truck Accessories said getting out his checkbook was a no brainer.

“That we’re a giving club, that’s it,” Valenzuela said. “I mean we all pretty much family. Everybody helps out everybody.”

So, he – as well as other members – and some business owners dug deep.

“To have their outstanding debt paid by this club is just amazing,” Assistant Superintendent Scott McGregor said.

Ramirez said the road doesn’t stop with the lunch debt. After the holidays, club members plan to raise funds to pay off the Lodi Unified School District’s entire lunch debt.

It’s a debt amounting to about $35,000.

“We’re just so appreciative of the club,” substitute administrator Stephen Takemoto said.

The car club donated much more than the $450 owed so, school administrators told FOX40 the rest of the money will go towards another school’s lunch debt.

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