SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — In a news conference Wednesday, San Joaquin County law officials said the public heard one side of a story of a raid for fireworks that occurred at a Ripon home in June. 

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office also released body camera footage of the raid, in which they found illegal fireworks in the garage of the home. 

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar said the raid was based on evidence her office had, adding that it takes a “significant amount of evidence to get a signed warrant” from a judge.  

FOX40 previously spoke with the family, the McCurdys, who lived at home, after officers raided their home over fireworks they had. 

The McCurdy family told FOX40 that officers were “excessive” and they were left feeling “traumatized and humiliated.” 

Officers confiscated the fireworks from their garage, which the family previously claimed were for a Fourth of July celebration in their community. 

“Walking out, I have my 3-year-old and my 16-year-old,” Nicole McCurdy told FOX40 in a June interview. “It’s dehumanizing. I have never felt like that in my life.” 

In Wednesday’s news conference, Salazar said Nicole McCurdy has a prior conviction of selling illegal fireworks. She received community service, Salazar said. 

“She had notice and knowledge that this is a crime and that there are consequences to it,” Salazar said. “Not a year later, she is out selling online illegal fireworks throughout our county.” 

Salazar also said that McCurdy’s 19-year-old son’s apartment in Tracy was also searched at the time of the raid in Ripon. The son admitted to authorities that illegal fireworks were inside his home, but “safe and sound” fireworks were at the Ripon home, according to the body cam footage. 

The son also claimed that the fireworks he said were “safe and sane” were for the Fourth of July show. 

When FOX40 asked the family if they possessed illegal fireworks, Michael Schirmer, McCurdy’s husband, said they have “nothing illegal” inside their home. 

“They even took some of the poppers that I bought for my son you can get from Target,” Schimer told FOX40 in June. 

Between the searches in Ripon and Tracy, the sheriff’s office said a total of 447.5 pounds of illegal fireworks were recovered along with three destructive devices. 

According to the body cam video posted on the agency’s YouTube page, the sheriff’s office said it received information in May regarding illegal fireworks being sold through an Instagram account.

San Joaquin County Sheriff Pat Withrow said Wednesday that the fireworks from the Ripon address were being sold online and they were shipped from North Dakota. 

The Instagram account was linked to the family’s 19-year-old son, who had addresses in both Tracy and Ripon. The video from the sheriff’s office YouTube account shows YouTube clips of someone lighting off fireworks that exploded into the air and Instagram stories of those same types of fireworks for sale. 

The video from the sheriff’s office also features a post from an Instagram story on another account showing a shipment being dropped in front of the Ripon home. The words “straight to the door from North Dakota” is written with a picture of the big rig that dropped off the fireworks. 

The shipment was flagged by the California Department of Food and Agriculture at an inspection station due to importing fireworks without a license being illegal. 

The video from the sheriff’s office also shows a message that says “The cases look like this and have fireworks packaged in bulk. I’m honestly cheaper than any firework store in Nevada or the Western USA.” 

When the sheriff’s office made contact with residents of the home, officers started with a public address system, telling them to come out of the house with their hands out, according to the body cam footage. 

The body cam footage shows McCurdy and her 3-year-old and 16-old-year kids outside of the home and a sweep of the home followed. McCurdy is shown being cooperative with authorities in the footage. 

Deputies encountered a large dog and shot three non-lethal bullets at it after it “charged aggressively,” according to officials. The dog can be heard crying in the body cam footage after being shot at. 

When authorities get inside the garage, body cam footage revealed illegal fireworks that resembled ones that were advertised on Instagram. 

“He told me they were all legal for the Ripon fireworks show that’s been posted all over the Ripon Facebook page,” McCurdy told deputies in the body cam footage. 

The Ripon raid was part of a six-week task force operation that ended with 9,962.5 pounds of illegal fireworks.

Withrow said Wednesday the operation included 17 arrests and 16 referrals to the district attorney’s office, 540 destructive devices, nine guns and 8.7 grams of cocaine.