(KTXL) — An “aggressive” dog was killed on Wednesday in Lodi after it chased a family into their home and attempted to attack the family’s dog, according to the Lodi Police Department.

At 3:12 p.m., officers received reports of a loose husky breed dog near Sandpiper Circle that had chased a family with young children into their home. The dog was trying to get through the home’s side fence to reach the family’s dog.

A resident was using a piece of wood to protect himself and his dog from the husky when Animal Services Officers arrived on scene.

Twice officers attempted to snare the dog, but it broke free each time and approached a group of people standing out front of their home.

Lodi Police Officers that had arrived on scene to assist animal services used a stun gun on the dog “in order for animal services the opportunity to safely secure the dog.”

Officers said that the dog “passed away” during the incident, but did not specify how the dog died. Officers contacted the dog’s owner following its death.