(FOX40.COM) — The Tokay High School football team will take the field Friday night without one of its star players.

That player remains in a hospital after he and some teammates were involved in a car crash on Sunday.

A moment of silence took place before Tokay’s varsity football game against Tracy High. The pause is in honor of senior Marcelino Ruiz, known as Lino.

The team’s star receiver and cornerback was critically injured in a car crash this past weekend as he and his teammates returned home from a fishing trip in Calaveras County.

His father John Villagomez said, “He’s a fighter, he’s pushing you know, he’s a little bit responsive”

“Today he was able to show movement…he put up fingers, thumbs, move his toes and stuff, responding, was able to open his eyes for a little bit today,” his father added. 

During Friday night’s game, Dad and others were wearing shirts with Marcelino’s number 7.

Marcelino’s younger brother plays on Tokay’s JV team. He wore number 7 on his jersey for his brother.

Last season Marcelino had one of FOX40’s “Plays Of The Week,” with a pick-six versus Kennedy High School.

His high school family sends their love, just as they have all week.

“The whole Tokay family brought a whole football team, the second day there, two or three busloads full for my son. So much love from everybody, so much outpouring. I’m very thankful, I’m very thankful for all that, very thankful for the team he plays for,” his father said.