(KTXL) — A truck bypassed ‘Road Closed’ signs and fell into a sinkhole near Tracy, just two days after another vehicle did the same thing at the same sinkhole, according to the California Highway Patrol.

“This was 100% preventable…the signs are clear, visible and unobstructed,” the CHP said in a Facebook post.

The incident happened on January 28 on Kasson Road, which runs parallel to Interstate 5 east of Tracy.

The CHP shared photos of the four-door truck that fell into the sinkhole, damaging the front end and underside.

The driver was issued a citation for ignoring a road closure and passing through.

The agency said that signs and barricades are placed near the sinkhole, which formed after a torrent of rain came down onto California for three weeks in late December and early January.

In spite of this, at least two vehicles have driven past the signage and fallen into the sinkhole, leaving them trapped among the broken pieces of pavement.