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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — San Juan Unified School District posted a warning on its website about a nationwide school shooting threat posted on TikTok.

SJUSD said the “rumors” were posted on the video-sharing social media platform this week.

The claims posted on TikTok alleged shootings would happen on Friday.

According to the district, law enforcement is aware of the rumors and SJUSD is monitoring them.

“We ask that parents/guardians speak with their students about using social media platforms mindfully and not sharing information that may be inaccurate. As always, it’s important that if any student, parent/guardian, staff member or community member sees something suspicious to please report it to a trusted adult at school immediately or call local law enforcement,” SJUSD posted on its site.

Recently, social media posts have led to numerous lockdowns at Sacramento County schools.

Earlier this month, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into a post made on Instagram Tuesday threatening Laguna Creek High School. They later identified the people behind the threat as two 16-year-old students, who ended up facing misdemeanor charges.

At Carmichael’s Jesuit High School in October, families were alerted of a photo on Snapchat mentioning an alleged shooting planned at a school with the letters “JHS.” The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI notified the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office after an arrest at Jupiter High School in Florida. The student arrested claimed he made the threatening post as a joke. 

TikTok has been in the headlines over dangerous trends that have been shared on the social media platform and carried out by students, including one that encouraged kids to vandalize their schools.

The “devious licks” trend led to thousands of dollars in damages at Mountain House High School in September, Principal Ben Fobert told FOX40.

“We’ve seen students ripping soap dispensers off of the walls and throwing them across the bathroom,” Fobert said at the time. “We’ve also seen paper towel dispensers completely ripped off of the walls. Students have ripped off the dividers between urinals in the boy’s bathrooms.”

The California Teachers Association has also warned school staff across the state about another trend that called for students to slap a teacher on video.

TikTok says such challenges go against their Community Guidelines.

“When we receive reports about a dangerous or harmful challenge circulating online, we investigate. Sometimes, we don’t find evidence of a trend – even when warnings are being widely shared and reported on other platforms or in the media,” TikTok says on its “Online Challenges” page.