Neighbors of Suspect, Victims Share Feelings of Relief after NorCal Rapist Arrest

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY -- The NorCal rapist has been linked to attacks dating back to 1991. The most recent was in Sacramento in 2006.

It was in a quiet residential North Natomas neighborhood that two young women - roommates - were tied up and raped inside their home.

The suspect - believed to be the NorCal rapist - was caught on one neighbor’s surveillance cameras.

They say their surveillance video - which they turned into police - helped generate a sketch - and helped investigators identify the type of vehicle the suspect was driving.

They say for years they lived in fear - because of what happened to their neighbor - and because the person responsible was never caught.

The young woman who lives here says as a child she was never allowed to walk around alone, Fearful of what happened.

Even 12 years later - today’s news was a huge relief for them.

“I’m really happy that he has been caught because it’s very scary - we helped try to catch him,” said Janae Dann, neighbor.

James Dann said “I just feel for the victims. I just hope to God it gives them some kind of peace and maybe a little bit of closure for what they had to go through.”

Back in 2007 a woman came forward - as one of the survivors of the NorCal rapist attacks.

But at the time she talked about the horrifying details; being tied up; watching the suspect attacking her roommate once she got home.

She pleaded with the public for help catching this man.

Finally, over a decade later, it happened, the was suspect caught.

Identified as a 58-year-old married UC Berkeley employee.

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Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert says detectives and her crime lab used the same website they did to track down the East Area Rapist suspect.

But that they really broke this case open within the last 10 days.

“The answer has always been in the DNA,” said Schubert.

Speaking before dozens of cameras, Schubert made another bombshell announcement; a suspect has been arrested in the NorCal rapist case.

“Yesterday, Sacramento police detectives arrested Roy Charles Waller, a 58-year-old man living in Benicia,” Sacramento Police Chief, Daniel Hahn said.

According to investigators Waller is believed to have raped 10 victims in six different northern California counties. Beginning in Rohnert Park in Sonoma County in 1991.

“And over the next 15 years, had several sexual assaults in Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Vallejo, Martinez, Woodland, Chico, two sexual assaults in Davis, and ending here in Sacramento in 2006,” said Hahn.

The lead detective in the two Sacramento attacks described how Waller would break into his victim’s homes late at night; often while they were asleep.

“He would bind them and then repeatedly sexually assault them...” Detective, Avis Beery, with the Sacramento police said. “And sometimes he would kidnap the victims and take them to ATMs where he would get money out of their accounts and other times he would steal personal items from their homes.”

Schubert says investigators used Florida-based GEDmatch. The same DNA genealogy website as the East Area Rapist case to find a relative match to their suspect’s DNA.

She says it took them just ten days to narrow in on Waller and obtain a secondary sample from him.

Waller is being held in the Sacramento County jail without bail. He is facing 12 counts for attacking the two victims here in Sacramento back in 2006.

The five other county DA offices are expected to file charges as well.

So far, Waller has declined our request for a jailhouse interview.


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