SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District is proposing its teachers union a way to make up for time lost due to the strike in March. 

According to the district’s website, the proposal from SCUSD presented to the Sacramento City Teachers Association (SCTA) includes: 

  • Extending the school year by six days to include June 17 and June 20-24
  • Extending Thursday reduced schedules one hour for six consecutive weeks beginning April 28
  • Requiring employees to provide instruction and services to students for the extended school days in order to recover salary forfeited during the strike

The district said its proposal is based on its budget outlook, combined with potential fines, that could result in some student programs getting cut. 

SCTA sent FOX40 a comment regarding the district’s proposal.

SCTA is having productive discussions with the district to address the issue and to both ensure that learning time is made up and that SCUSD doesn’t lose any state revenue. The details are being worked out over the bargaining table.

Sacramento City Teachers Association