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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The Sacramento City Unified School District says it will rely heavily on electronic strategies to teach its 48,000 students while keeping them at home to start the school year.  

The distance learning plan released by SCUSD on Monday sticks with a six-class schedule for its upper grades rather than a block schedule some districts have adopted.

The plan guarantees three and half to four hours of remote teaching a day. Just over half the time will be interactive, with students and teachers connected online.

But the rest of the time will be one-way, with students logging into pre-produced or prerecorded online lessons. An advantage with both methods is if students miss a class or don’t understand a concept, they can look at it again.

Each class has a long list of instructional requirements that must be followed.

The district says teaching won’t be rushed, emphasizing quality over pace of instruction.  

There is also a requirement that teachers contact students and parents to monitor their progress.

Teachers will use an app called Google Classroom extensively. It allows teachers to electronically send assignments and course material, including videos, and get back assignments for grading.

Special strategies will be used for English learners and special needs students, as well.

There is also a teacher training component to the plan.

The district is prepared to revise its learning plan, including in-classroom instruction, if health restrictions are eased later in the school year.