SACRAMENTO, (KTXL) — After months of intense criticism following racist graffiti and social media threats targeting a vice principal at one of its schools, the Sacramento City Unified School District is trying something new to build trust with the community.

When SCUSD does start an investigation into a racially-biased incident, many watchdog groups said those internal probes lose direction and any updates get lost.

A new independent monitor will be working with the district to address those issues, which is good news for those who want to see change.

“The entire community should be outraged. We need to be honest with ourselves about doing something different to impact and ensure our actions create real accountability,” said Cassandra Jennings, a member of the SCUSD African American Advisory Board. “We support, and I’m happy, the board and superintendent are taking their steps for the anti-racism that you mentioned today.”

Sacramento police began investigating spray-painted and online threats against West Campus High School Vice Principal Dr. Elysse Versher last fall as a hate crime.

There was some belief early on that Versher, also called “Dr. V,” was targeted with hate by some students and adults upset about her enforcing the school dress code.

While attorney Mark Harris will now be independently reviewing the district’s work to unravel bias incidents like that, many believe SCUSD hasn’t gone far enough.

“It’s not enough to come and say, ‘Well, we’re going to have an independent monitor,’ without also doing the work to support the folks who were directly impacted,” explained Lorreen Pryor, the president of the Black Youth Leadership Project. “It’s a lot for someone like Dr. V who had to deal with health issues because of the stress of being targeted with racial violence, that has pretty much persisted in this country and school districts nationwide.”

The district pledged its support, strongly condemned racist acts in its school communities and implemented anti-racism training for all staff and district leaders.