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This might be any Tuesday — keeping students busy with evening classes around Yuba College — except on this Tuesday one of their own has now been missing for five days.

“Just kind of weird you know, people are a little nervous, a little apprehensive and stuff and a little scared for her too ’cause we just don’t know what happened,” said Yuba College Student Lindsey Wilson.

What happened to Alycia Yeoman?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind in this area where Yuba and Butte counties meet.

“Yeah, it’s crazy,especially for Gridley to be not too far from here,” said Andres Moreno.

Yeoman is from Gridley and enrolled at Yuba College back in 2014.

Fellow student Andres Moreno didn’t know her well but had been around the 20-year-old who he says captured people’s attention when she entered a room.

He’s at a loss when it comes to her disappearance.

“That’s, that’s all we can do, you know what I mean, send love and blessings to the family ’cause it must suck, you know what I mean. It’s pretty traumatic,” he said.

With the discovery of Yeoman’s unoccupied truck in a Gridley orchard Monday evening and her cell phone then found in that same area, her family has asked many around town to refrain from speaking to the media about her or the case.

Yeoman’s ex-boyfriend, however, is talking.

“She just does what she wants to do, and uh, she’s free-spirited, yeah,” said Leo Almonte.

According to Almonte, that might explain why his ex’s truck was near a park at the end of Pennington Road in Live Oak by the Feather River and why no one knew she was there.

He says she liked to keep her plans to herself and liked to avoid main roads often patrolled by police.

Almonte spent Tuesday at the end of Pennington Road searching for some sign of Yeoman, as were investigators working the case.

He says he spoke to his old love last Wednesday, the day before she was last spotted driving on Romero Street in Yuba City.

“She pours out her feelings on me like what’s in her mind…her stresses and stuff like that.  And maybe she just wanted, maybe she went over there to walk and clear her head and from there … I  don’t know what happened. That’s what we’re trying to find out,” he said.

At this point in their investigation, Gridley police say they’ve found no evidence of foul play.