LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — Lodi police said they have yet to find the body of a missing stillborn after searching a landfill. 

The stillborn daughter of Marijo Planas and Everardo Alex Munoz was thrown out of Cherokee Memorial Funeral Home in Lodi, according to the police.

Planas had their stillborn daughter on June 9 during the 21st week of the pregnancy. On June 28, the funeral home picked up her daughter’s remains from the hospital.

The parents were informed about what happened on Saturday, but the parents said the funeral home knew since July 5 that Amiliana Rose’s body was missing.

They immediately reported the situation to police. Police went to the funeral home on Sunday and watched surveillance video that showed what happened to their stillborn daughter.

Police said they learned a worker with a contracted transport service threw away an “item” that had their daughter inside of it. The video showed the incident happened two weeks before Planas and Munoz called authorities, police said.

“There was another person, went into the freezer, grabbed her bag. Dropped her on the floor,” Planas said. “The guy got the bag and started shaking her, like this and swinging her. Opened, unzipped her, took her out of the black bag, opened it, got a trash bag and just threw her in there. He just threw her.”

Lodi police said they identified employees connected to the incident and questioned them about the situation. Whether anyone is charged will be up to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

According to police, they are still investigating the incident.