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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — District officials reported Friday that another Sacramento City College student has been instructed to self-quarantine after they were exposed to a patient who contracted the new coronavirus.

“I got an email about two hours ago,” said student Jennifer Carroll. “I was just sitting while my friend was getting her hair done and everyone was freaking out.”

This is the second student from SCC and the fourth Los Rios Community College student to have been in contact with the patient, who is being treated in Sacramento County. At the time, the four students were performing professional medical duties.

“It’s kind of scary, so we do work with clients. So, we just take all precautions,” cosmetology student Patricia Bernal told FOX40.

LRCCD did not disclose whether that patient is the Solano County woman who was transferred to UC Davis Medical Center and later tested positive for COVID-19. Solano County has since declared a local emergency due to the virus.

Like the students from American River College and Cosumnes River College, the SCC student returned to campus after the exposure, according to the district. The other SCC student did not.

“It’s really shocking. We see everybody wearing masks and my daughter she goes to American River College,” said student Irene Medrano. “So, we are just checking on each other.”

The student has been instructed to remain in quarantine for 14 days and keep track of any symptoms.

Friday’s press release emphasized there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases in the district.

LRCCD was told by Sacramento County experts they would not need to cancel classes or campus programs. They also have enhanced cleaning practices in high traffic areas.

“We just have to be safe, you know?” said Medrano. “So, it’s pretty scary.”