Second Sacramento Patient Tests Negative for Ebola Virus

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Friday afternoon the health department said Ebola test results came back negative for a patient at Kaiser South Sacramento.

Kaiser Permanente says that patient had been at the hospital since Wednesday night.

Those results come hours after a patient at UC Davis Medical Center tested negative for the deadly disease.

Kaiser Permanente says the suspected Ebola patient was in isolation while awaiting test results.

Although Kaiser says other patients were never at risk, some who went into the hospital Friday felt there should have been more notification.

“I kind of like to know, even if it is a scare, because you can never be too careful but I would like to be informed that that is going on,” said Kaiser patient Nicole Cordero.

Kaiser south tested a patient last summer.

In Sacramento, Kaiser South and UC Davis Medical Center are the designated Ebola treatment centers.

Chryse Ervin says when she recently visited Kaiser South, doctors and nurses took extra precaution.

“Any appointment they ask you have you left the country in the last 3 weeks, have you cared for anyone who has Ebola. And most people say no,” Ervin said.

The health department says both patients had recently visited an Ebola-affected region and were experiencing symptoms.

Both are said to be in good condition.

Currently there are no Ebola patients in California.


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