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For fans around the world, seeing the new “Star Wars” movie was a dream realized. It is that and more for a Citrus Heights man who is dying.

The movie is no cure for his muscular dystrophy, but it represents healing for a man now counting down his final days.

Every breath. Every movement. Everything we take for granted, is a struggle for Mitch Ball.

“It would be just so amazing to me to be able to experience that,” he said.

Mitch is only 30.

In those three decades, his muscles have deteriorated, leaving him bed-ridden and on life support.

“It’s been almost a year and a half since he’s been out of this bed. Pretty sad,” his mother Heidi Miller said.

His mother cares for him around the clock and prays he will see his dream come true.

“I would give anything if he could have that dream fulfilled,” she said. “It would give him something to be happy about and thankful for.”

Around his bed, there are signs of a life too early to end: “Star Wars” Legos that Mitch’s brothers assembled for him, a painting revealing his creative talent.

His passions in life surround him because he’s too sick to leave his bed.

“If somehow, if I could make this happen,” said Mitch, “it would be a wish come true.”

Mitch has started a social media campaign that he hopes will reach “Star Wars” creators and touch their hearts.

With all Mitch has been through, and what he’s facing, “Star Wars” is a reminder of a simpler time and childhood innocence: when life was as simple as good versus evil.

“Not a single movie or character I don’t like, I love the adventure. I love how it’s an escape,” he said

It’s an escape, a final chance for Mitch to forget about reality, even if for a few hours.

“I might not live much longer, but the last thing I want to see. I want to be able to see ‘Star Wars,'” he said.

Mitch started a Facebook page titled “Help Me See Star Wars.” He hopes to get enough support so he can see it on video from his bed.